Why is it profitable
for you to delegate this type of work to us?


Your productivity will increase instantaneously


You will gain additional income


Your clients will be fully satisfied with the quality


You will no longer have to spend your time on less profitable work

How do we format
a document?

  1. We create a new and ‘clean’ DOCX file and manually transfer all text and graphic elements to it
  2. We create editable text boxes on figures
  3. We apply heading styles and create an automatic table of contents
  4. We perform the formatting of headers/footers, footnotes, numbered and bulleted lists, etc.
  5. We add automatic page numbering and perform many other formatting operations

Examples of our work

We work fast and provide high-quality results! See for yourself that this statement is true!


Bluehelix Prima

12 pages (A4)

1,5 hours

Download DOCX

Secret Line

29 pages (A4)

2,5 hours

Download DOCX

Instruction manual Cranab Truck Cranes

54 pages (A4)

4 hours

Download DOCX

Operating instructions VAPODEST

87 pages (A4)

6 hours

Download DOCX

The resulting document in DOCX format is easy-to-edit


The DOCX file is ready for translation in MS Word and CAT programs


The entire text is editable, including the text on figures


The document is correctly and consistently segmented in CAT programs


Get a discount
on your first order


You will start 
earning more!

You’ll get paid per translation rates for the work done per layout rates. This will increase your income by at least 11%*.

  • You can concentrate on a higher paid task, i.e. translation. The layout will be done by us.
  • You will be able to accept more orders.
  • You save time due to already keyed-in numbers and formulas, as well as due to repetitions and matches based on translation memory (which you can accumulate in CAT programs).


* data based on one-year results of working with translation agencies

You will be able to 
translate more!

Every specialist should stay focused on their area of expertise. By delegating the text formatting to us, you can concentrate exclusively on translations.

  • You don’t have to spend your time on deciphering hard-to-read hand-written text!
  • You don’t have to key in large numerical tables or formulas while worrying about making a mistake in one value.
  • You receive a completely editable file, and nothing else will distract you from your main task.


Prior to submission, the resulting file is checked by Quality Control Manager

1 to 50


1 to 6


Complex file:

up to 1 day
51 to 100


12 to 24


Complex file:

up to 2 days
101 to 200


1 to 2


Complex file:

up to 3 days
200 to 1000


2 to 5


Complex file:

up to 5 days

There are always layout specialists available in our team. We can start working on your files within an hour!


The work is performed by seasoned professionals, and it will not take long to see the results.


Our layout specialists work in accordance with uniform rules. All of your files are always formatted in a consistent manner!


For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs:

Under a contract to a/c in BYN, RUB, USD, EURO based on an invoice and a work completion statement.

For natural persons:

Through online banking, PayPal, Yandex.Money, or in cash in a bank based on a payment order.

Do you have any questions?

Do you work with other file formats?

Yes, we work with .DWG, .INDD, .CDR, .JPG, and other formats. You can send your files for assessment, and our manager will contact you.

How fast do you process a request?

In case of orders up to 100 pages, you will receive a commercial quotation within 15 minutes.

What is the length of your professional experience?

Average work experience of our specialists is over 4 years.

How do you know which files are suitable for CAT programs?

For a long time, our company has been an in-house department in one of the largest translation agencies in Belarus. We know which requirements apply to files intended for translation, and we fully comply with them.

What are the guarantees regarding the quality of rendered services?

At any point, you can read our layout/formatting manual which is a core document of our company.

What are the guarantees regarding the deadlines?

We have a vast experience of working with translation agencies. If we couldn’t meet our deadlines, we wouldn’t work at all. Meeting the deadlines is one of the main criteria for working in this area. We do not just know the rules — we meticulously follow them.

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